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Industry Report

Market opportunities for Virginia exporters in Sweden and Denmark

May 6, 2019

It is said that the Nordic countries are so alike that they can easily work together, yet so different that they can still learn a lot from each other. A Dane, a Swede and a Norwegian might understand each other’s language, and to non-Scandinavians the Nordic countries may look very similar due to their close cultural and historical ties. They are all advanced welfare states, with a large public sector and high level of taxes.

Due to small home markets, a high percentage of the Nordic manufacturers are also experts on global sales and the technology base is very high as is the level of digitization. How to enter the Scandinavian markets is similar to many other export markets – the importance of careful preparation cannot be overstated. However, the Scandinavians are very receptive to foreign products and services as they are always looking to improve their competitive advantage.

Industry Report
Asia Pacific

China’s consumer market: Current trends and marketing strategies to appeal to a new generation of consumers

March 5, 2019

Although Chinese consumer confidence is increasing, firms must keep up with faster product iteration. Over half of the brands in the top 100 list for consumer products will fall out of the list in 10 years. While Chinese consumers have more money to spend, they also have more choices leading to greater competition between brands. The market requires constant innovation to fill the needs of the newest generation of consumers who are interested in trying new products.

This report offers Virginia companies an overview of the Chinese market for consumer products, including trends, analysis, and recommendations in key, growing industry sectors (ie. Baby Products, Food & Beverage, Home Décor). Companies will also find an overview of general trade regulations including import licensing, product standards and labeling.

Industry Report
Latin and South America

Colombian Government and Military Procurement – International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL)

June 1, 2018

Coca production remains one of Colombia’s major issues as 2016 was a record year for production of coca and the trend does not show signs of reversal. The U.S. Government has long pushed aggressive counter-narcotics strategies such as aerial spraying and forced eradication of coca.

The U.S. Administration’s focus for INL projects in Colombia will mainly be focused on eradicating coca crops. U.S. aid to Colombia will be $391.2 million in 2018 and $265.4 million in 2019. Main projects of INL’s assistance to Colombia include:

  • Support to the aviation units of the Colombian National Police and Army
  • Strengthening the capabilities of the Colombian National Police
  • New technologies for eradication and interdiction
  • Monitoring, verification and eradication of reseeding

This report details the U.S. INL funding for Colombia in the federal budget, specifically the project-by-project breakdown and priority projects within the budget