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Aviation and Drones in Mexico

July 30, 2020

Mexico’s passenger demand was once almost fully driven by passengers on private flights and international travelers flying commercially. After 2015 regulatory changes, and following global trends in low-cost air travel, Mexico’s domestic passenger service demand has accelerated and is now on par with international passenger services in terms of seats sold per year. The number of cargo flights within Mexico has also increased significantly.

Mexico continues to have a busy market for private flights, both rotary and fixed-wing. Full of wide-open spaces, with mining, agriculture and other remote industrial operations, Mexico also historically lacked a safe, modern road network. It is still the 2nd-most active market in the world after the United States for private jet travel and for air/helitaxis. Mexico’s top cities are all busy for helicopter traffic, as is the Gulf region, which is the hub for offshore oil activity.

Many Virginia aviation products and services, including those related to drones, can expect solid demand in Mexico despite or even because of the global coronavirus pandemic. This report assesses market scope and opportunities in scheduled and private civil aviation, both manned and unmanned. The report analyzes demand derived from Mexico’s cargo, passenger, and specialized commercial operations.