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Training | In-Person

Multinational Protocols and Routes to Procurement

Whether in public or business settings, protocol plays a crucial role on the world stage. The ability to adapt to cultural differences and changing circumstances is key to creating the foundations for success. Join VEDP – International Trade for this course designed specifically for companies who often find themselves dealing in the highly structured “diplomatic-speak” environment found among multinational government/military organizations. Attendees should come away with a more comprehensive understanding of International/Institutional Protocol as it applies to business development, intercultural sensitivities, and guidance in the field of international relations. You will be given the tools to excel, develop and maintain business, project a positive image with confidence and authority while building teamwork across borders, institutions, and departments. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about international procurement as conducted by organizations such as NATO and the United Nations.

Cost: $75

Training | Virtual

Doing Business in West Africa: Understanding the Markets in Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire

In this webinar, you will hear from representatives from the U.S. Embassies in Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire to provide an overview of the economic conditions in each country, industries that are promising for Virginia exporters, where other U.S. companies have found success, and answer market-specific questions your company might have. Representatives from the Prosper Africa initiative will also provide an overview of their services and support for U.S. companies interested in doing business in markets in Africa.

Training | Virtual

Taking Your Business Global with Influencer Marketing

Discover the power of influencer marketing and how it can propel your brand on an international scale. Join us to learn from Damani Harrison, Head of Branding and Chief Style Officer at Diamondback Toolbelts, who has successfully expanded their business globally using influencer partnerships. During this event, you'll gain valuable insights into the strategies and tactics employed to reach an international audience. Explore the dos and don'ts of influencer collaborations, discover the best platforms for finding the right influencers, and unlock the secrets to creating authentic and impactful campaigns.

Training | Virtual

Accessing International Markets - Mexico

Join VEDP's International Trade team to learn about accessing Mexico! Mexico is third among Virginia export destinations with exports in 2021 equal to USD 913 million. Mexican companies, government agencies, and entire industries are deeply familiar with and receptive to U.S. products and services.

Training | Virtual

Are You Export Ready?

Are you looking at going global? Do you wonder how to get your business ready for international markets? Small and medium sized businesses realize that launching their product or solution overseas is a great way to increase their sales and raise the profile of their brand. Being a global company is a great way to bulletproof a business, but how do you make it happen and where to start? Join VEDP - International Trade to learn about the key success factors in export readiness and prepare for entry into global markets.

Training | Virtual

Accessing International Markets - South Korea

VEDP International Trade and our South Korean in-country consultant will be hosting a webinar designed to help you learn about accessing South Korea. We hope you will join us for this free webinar.

Training | Virtual

Global Trade Insights: Interpreting the Biden Administration’s and Congress’ Trade Initiatives

Join VEDP - International Trade for this webinar that breaks down the Washington D.C. alphabet soup of acronyms that impact imports and exports. Our speaker, Nicole Bivens Collinson with Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., will discuss the initiatives being undertaken by the Biden Administration as well as those pending in Congress and help you have a better understanding of how you might be impacted.

Training | Virtual

Is Forced Labor Part of Your Supply Chain?

VEDP’s Supply Chain Optimization Program is pleased to host this important webinar on the risks of forced labor in supply chains, presented by legal expert Francesca Guerrero with Thompson Hine, LLC.

This webinar will assist your company’s ability to recognize, mitigate, and eliminate forced labor from your supply chain. United States law prohibits the importation of goods mined, produced, or manufactured wholly or in part with forced labor. Companies who are not compliant can face seizure of goods, financial and reputational harm, and potentially face criminal and/or civil consequences.

Training | Virtual

International Sales Training: Value – Price – Profit: How Businesses Create Successful Growth

This session will show companies how they can demonstrate a tangible difference in a characteristic of a product, service or the company itself. Each proposition has a clear focus on the market it is being received by and in this session, examples will be given of “good cases” and “not so good cases”. In essence, it is about simple messaging to convey the excellence of your company.

Training | Virtual

International Sales Training: How to Effectively Present Yourself In-Person & Virtually

Virtual, hybrid, face-to-face. Never before have there been so many different channels to connect with potential buyers. It’s vital that you can adapt to each environment so that you can present yourself and your product well and engage in conversations that lead to successful business relationships.

Training | Virtual

Exporting During an Economic Downturn

This webinar will discuss how trade was slowing even before the pandemic. However, with the addition of BREXIT, both have conspired to create the current situation. Declan Barry from ExportExplore will examine the opportunities that the new horizon has created for U.S. companies in the United Kingdom as they remap their global supply chain and trade opportunities. Looking towards Europe, he will also spotlight new opportunities blossoming in Ireland as they cement themselves as the only English-speaking marketplace with direct open access to the European Union.

Training | Virtual

Exporting to Europe: Reclaiming Your Value Added Tax

Countries within the European Union levy an import tax called a Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods exported to their countries. The United Kingdom does too. Did you know that tax may be refundable? Don't leave money on the table. Join VEDP for this free webinar as Dale Bushell and Dean Swift from VAT IT explain the sometimes complicated procedures U.S. companies must follow to collect their refunds.

Cost: $0

Training | Virtual

Lifecycle of an Export Webinar Series | Managing Risk

Learn about the best practices for international contracts and agreements, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), managing foreign exchange risk, how small businesses can use foreign exchange to their advantage, and tips for businesses to protect themselves from cyber threats.

Cost: $0

Training | Virtual

Lifecycle of an Export Webinar Series | Protect Your Business

Learn about export compliance, how to protect your intellectual property in international sales, and how to ship your products overseas including HS Codes and protecting your product while in transit. In this session, speakers covered the core compliance elements that all exporters should consider, and strategies to ensure compliance that are tailored to your business. Speakers also discussed the importance of Incoterms, selecting the right transportation provider, the impact of schedule B’s/HTS numbers, and how to protect your product while in transit.

Training | Virtual

Lifecycle of an Export Webinar Series | Strategies for Getting Paid and Tax Savings Opportunities for Exporters

Learn about how to get paid, manage risk with payments, international tax savings, and tax and accounting considerations when opening an office overseas. Speakers shared information on payment methods available to exporters and discussed associated risks, costs, common pitfalls and issues that may arise with each one.  Speakers also discussed international tax concepts that apply to global businesses and highlighted how tax treaties are used to facilitate trade and investment, allowing for greater certainty when doing business abroad.