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Security Industry in Peru

August 11, 2020

Over the past two decades, Peru has become one of Latin America’s fastest growing and most macro-economically stable nations. Solid economic management, prudent fiscal policies and openness to trade have enabled Peru to not only reduce poverty from over 50% to less than 23% in less than 10 years but also to become one of the region´s most dynamic business environments.

The downside to Peru’s strong and enviable economic growth over the past two decades has been the explosion of social conflicts, which sometimes result in violence. Increased investment in oil, mining, and natural gas projects has encountered opposition from indigenous communities due to the resulting environmental degradation and social impact.

The demand for residential, industrial, and office security equipment continues strong in Peru. Public opinion polls across the country acknowledge that people have a relatively high sense of insecurity, with many people having been a victim of robberies or home break-ins. Government agencies, private companies and households invest in a broad range of security equipment and solutions to mitigate security threats.

This report looks at emerging trends and opportunities for Virginia companies to provide Port, Personal, and Cybersecurity solutions in Peru, as well as list of tips to consider as companies prepare their market entry strategy for Peru.