Industry Reports

Defense & Security in Slovakia

July 20, 2020

Between 2012 and 2019, the growth of Slovakia’s defense expenditures was the fourth highest among all NATO members. The year 2019 also saw the historically most significant year-on-year increase in expenditures (from EUR 1.1 billion in 2018 to EUR 1.6 billion), mainly due to the purchase of F-16 fighters.

Slovakia launched large modernization projects not long ago and most are still in a planning stage. An increase in defense and security spending is to last until most commitments towards NATO are reached. This environment should present good opportunities for U.S. companies supplying high-end, advanced products, which can attract not only public administration buyers but the private market as well. The recent purchases of F-16 jet fighters and UH-60m helicopters may also present opportunities for related equipment and technology. Potential also exists in the sector of personal security and surveillance systems, where demand is created not only by uniformed forces, but also by municipal authorities, owners of critical infrastructure, and private companies.

This report examines the Defense and Security market in Slovakia, providing overviews of the Slovak Armed Forces, Homeland Security, market opportunities, and the public procurement system.