Part 1 - Mastering the Art of Virtual Presentation

Date: Thursday, February 11, 2021

Like an actor going from stage to screen, transitioning from in-person to virtual meetings and presentations with prospective customers requires a new skill set in order to be successful. In this session, Virtual Sales Presentation Expert Julie Hansen will show you how to successfully connect with prospects in a virtual world and share your solution and your expertise in a compelling and memorable way to grow your business.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Organize your message for maximum impact and clarity
  • Keep your audience engaged from start to finish
  • Make a dynamic virtual first impression
  • Use the camera to build relationships
  • Read and respond to virtual body language
  • Bring your message to life with energy, body language and vocal variety
  • Increase virtual interaction with your prospects

Speaker: Julie Hansen

Julie Hansen is a virtual sales speaker, presentation expert and professional actor. She helps business professionals grow their business by building relationships, and communicating with confidence, credibility, and clarity in a virtual world. Julie is the founder of Performance Sales and Training and the creator of the Selling On-Camera Master Class, which has helped thousands of sellers successfully transition from face-to-face to virtual selling.


Part 2 - Persuasive Communication

Date: Thursday, February 18, 2021

When you are selling a product or service, there are some things you cannot control. What is in your hands is the ability to shape a crisp value proposition that will resonate with your potential buyer. In this virtual world, quickly establishing the connection points for an effective exchange is more important than ever. Hear from a long-time corporate advocate about persuasive communications: understanding your audience, customizing your offering, and presenting you and your company in the most favorable light.

Speaker: Leslie Griffin

Leslie Griffin founded Allinea LLC to provide public affairs, global government relations, and international trade policy consulting services to clients.She has broad experience in strategic communications and policy advocacy, and is a strong believer in the benefits of international trade and global engagement. In positions at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, New York Life, and UPS, she built internal/external support for initiatives and shaped executive communications, including during her role as chief of staff to a CEO. She has had the honor to chair trade association committees, and to serve as chair or member of various coalitions focused on international trade, investment, and U.S. global leadership.

Part 3 - Perfecting Your Value Proposition

Date: Thursday, February 25, 2021

This session will show companies how they can demonstrate a tangible difference in a characteristic of a product, service or the company itself. Each proposition has a clear focus on the market it is being received by and in this session, examples will be given of “good cases” and “not so good cases”. In essence, it is about simple messaging to convey the excellence of your company.

Speaker: Colm Reilly

Dr. Colm Reilly is the Dublin Trade Director for OCO Global. He started his career with Fujistu before moving to Novartis and then Electrolux where he was responsible for Strategy, Acquisitions, and Investment. Over the past 10 years, Colm has worked with a range of government clients to support their economic development objectives by directly working with companies to develop and expand their footprints. These clients have included UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) where Dr. Reilly was Managing Director for eight years, the Japanese IPA JETRO, the Province of British Columbia and Department of Enterprise and Trade (Ireland) where he chaired the Economic Development Commission.