Global Defense Opportunities in Taiwan

November 29, 2023

Join VEDP - International Trade and their consultant, Tractus Asia, for this one-hour webinar to learn more about the defense industry, emerging opportunities, key challenges, and market entry strategies for Taiwan.

The defense industry is one of the most heavily invested industries in Taiwan and the U.S is the primary arms exporter. Strengthening fundamental and asymmetric capabilities is the focus of Taiwan’s recent armed forces buildup and they continue to upgrade tanks, fighter jets, vessels, and unmanned aerial vehicles. Below are examples of opportunities available in Taiwan for U.S. defense exporters:

  • Advanced aviation manufacturing technologies and equipment
  • Composite material technologies
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul and base operation
  • Aviation schools
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle development and manufacturing
  • Innovative applications and services; training

Speaker: Liran Golan, Tractus Asia

For more information, check out VEDP's Taiwan Defense Industry Report


Amy Miller
Global Research Manager