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Lifecycle of an Export Webinar Series | Connecting with International Customers & Partners

November 2, 2022

Learn how a localized website can help you grow your export sales, brand, and business internationally. Make the internet work for you with optimally localized business development websites, designed with an international focus, so your company will be found and be easy to do business with. This session included a discussion about international online marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, the importance of translation, and how to analyze website traffic and engagement.

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Industry Report
Asia Pacific

Australia Defense and Security Industry Report

October 28, 2022

Australia’s newly elected Labour government has stated its commitment to the Defense spending plan created by the outgoing Liberal government in 2020. Under this plan Australia will see an investment of US$187B in the decade between 2020 and 2030. In the 2022-23 financial year Australia has slated US$33.2B for defense expenditures, a 7.4% increase from financial year 2021-22. 2022-23 marks the 10th year of real growth in defense expenditures and equates to slightly over 2% of Australia’s GDP. Australia’s recent investment in its defense sector has been spurred by its uncertain and relatively unstable geopolitical position in the Indo-Pacific, particularly with regards to the rise of China. There are many opportunities for Virginia companies to provide defense services to Australia. Many of those opportunities will be created by Australia’s investment it its cyber, maritime, and training sectors.

The Defense and Security in Australia report outlines market entry strategy for Virginia businesses looking to sell into the Australian defense market. It also provides an overview of current trends in the market, key government and industry players, and details government and defense sector procurement.


Lifecycle of an Export Webinar Series | An Introduction to Export Success

October 12, 2022

Companies often become accidental exporters. They receive an inquiry from overseas, which leads to a potential partnership and perhaps some success. However, such a reactive export strategy is not effective.  Rather than letting markets and partners choose you, your company needs to take control of your export strategy. This introductory session addressed those initial key decisions companies must make to really build a successful export business.

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Export Guide

UKCA Marking Report

June 29, 2022

Following its departure from the EU, the UK has developed a series of its own trade markings in order to facilitate the harmonization of standards and the free flow of goods on its domestic market. The UKCA, or UK Conformity Assessed, is a new product marking that has been introduced as a mechanism for demonstrating to consumers that certain goods are compliant with the relevant UK legislation pertaining to health, safety, and environmental protection. The UKCA mark is applicable to all of the goods that were previously covered under the EU’s CE Marking scheme. All new products introduced to the UK market after  January 1, 2023 will need to affix a UKCA marking to their product to demonstrate conformity with UK legislation. This brief explains what the UKCA marking is, what it covers, what happens to pre-existing products, and what manufacturers need to do to register for a UKCA marking.

Export Guide
North America

Export Guide – Canada Part 2

June 28, 2022

With Virginian exports amounting to over $3.2 billion in goods to Canada annually, Canada is the largest export partner for the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States at large. In view of its huge market, Canada presents major trade and business investment opportunities for many Virginia companies owing to their well-educated workforce, wealth of natural resources, and low tax rates for new business investments.
This report is the second installment of the Export Guide Canada, and aims to give Virginia companies a better understanding of the requirements and steps necessary for establishing a business presence in Canada, as well as a comprehensive overview of the import and trade show process. It covers:

  • Establishing a presence in Canada
  • Preparing for a trade show in Canada
  • The Canadian Labor Code
  • Patents & Intellectual Property
Industry Report
Latin and South America

ICT Industry - Brazil

May 18, 2022

As the largest country in South America by both landmass and population, Brazil faces unique challenges and opportunities for growth and innovation in the ICT sector. Brazil has been internationally recognized for the quality of its ICT solutions developed across several areas, including financial services, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and e-government. In 2021, Brazil’s ICT sector grew by 18.3%, representing 6.9% of Brazil’s total GDP.
There are many opportunities for Virginia companies to provide ICT goods and services into Brazil. Many of those opportunities will be created by the deployment of 5G in Brazil in the coming years. By July 2022, there will be 5G coverage in all 26 capital cities in Brazil. By 2029, there will be 5G coverage to all Brazilian municipalities with more than 30,000 inhabitants.
This report on the Brazilian ICT Industry overviews Brazil’s ICT subsectors, the impact of COVID on Brazil’s digitalization efforts, 5G deployment, key ICT investments in the next three years, market trends, and regulatory frameworks. It also highlights ICT trade shows in Brazil.