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Industry Report
Latin and South America

Chile Government Procurement

July 13, 2021

Chile is widely considered one of the strongest economies in Latin America. Coming out of the 2020 Pandemic, Chile’s economic growth is expected to rebound to 6.5%. Chile’s government procurement expenditures are 5.3% of GDP. Healthcare and public works will continue to garner the most interest from tenders as the pandemic persists and the government attempts to reactivate the economy with increased investments in public works projects.

ChileCompra is the government entity responsible for all government tenders in Chile. Over 850 public organizations, including hospitals, ministries, and municipalities, use ChileCompra to procure goods. In general, there are four methods of procurement within ChileCompra: the Framework Agreements, public tender, private bidding, and direct deal.

This report provides an overview of the Chilean government procurement process as a U.S.-based company. This includes a guide to the general procurement and tendering processes, future trends, and a list of contacts in Chile to assist with the procurement process.

Accessing International Markets Webinar Series

Accessing International Markets – Southern Africa

July 8, 2021

Africa is shifting beyond expectations as a bounty of new business activity led by its youthful entrepreneurial business class drives it forward. Come and hear about the trends driving African business and learn why Africa is increasingly important, soon driving much of the global economy. Africa is growing out of its role as a primary resource supplier and moving quickly toward a knowledge based economy: an economy driven by people that make it welcoming for Americans business people.

Speaker: Richard Zurba, Director, Zurcom International


Industry Report

Supply Chain Risk Management in Global Markets

June 17, 2021

Risk is intrinsic to any business activity. While eliminating all operations risks is virtually impossible, identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating risks in supply chain planning is imperative for long-term success. The events of the COVID-19 pandemic applied a tough stress test on domestic and global supply chains and brought the concept of resilience to the forefront of supply chain planning. Good situational awareness of potential pitfalls (natural or human-made), mitigation strategies, post-disruption recovery plans, flexibility, and innovation are the cornerstones of business continuity planning (BCP). This white paper reviews current principles and issues in supply chain risk management and provides tools for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks. The document presents considerations regarding resilience and the need for robust contingency plans for post-pandemic international supply chain planning.

Industry Report

Supply Chain Management Principles

June 17, 2021

The management of supply chains plays a crucial role in the sustainability of import processes for raw materials, components, intermediate goods, miscellaneous supplies, and finished goods. Businesses rely on international supply chains to bring products or raw materials from countries where they are produced to markets where they are needed. The following white paper aims to provide importers with guidance on global supply chains and importing, facilitating their sourcing processes for inputs, components, raw materials, and finished goods. The events of the COVID-19 pandemic applied a tough stress test on domestic and global supply chains and brought the concept of resilience to the forefront of supply chain planning. The following sections will cover the main steps and processes in supply chain management, as wells as potential pitfalls and mitigation strategies when facing supply chain uncertainties.

Export Guide

Port of Virginia Incentives and Tax Credits

May 7, 2021

This guide provides an overview of the following incentives and tax credits provided by the Port of Virginia:

  • Port of Virginia Economic and Infrastructure Development Grant (POV Grant)
  • Port Volume Increase Tax Credit
  • Barge and Rail Usage Tax Credit
  • International Trade Facility Tax Credit

International Sales Training Part 3 - Perfecting Your Value Proposition

February 25, 2021

This session shows companies how they can demonstrate a tangible difference in a characteristic of a product, service or the company itself. Each proposition has a clear focus on the market it is being received by and in this session, examples will be given of “good cases” and “not so good cases”. In essence, it is about simple messaging to convey the excellence of your company.

Speaker: Colm Reilly