Webinar: Global Trade Disruptions

International Trade in a COVID-19 World

April 16, 2020

Sweeping tariffs and trade actions continue to impact the operations of Virginia manufacturers, importers and exporters. Learn how to navigate your company through the current environment of uncertainty. Topics for discussion include ways to mitigate tariff liability, how tariff exclusion processes work, and resources to help companies facilitate international trade.

The Covid-19 crisis is compelling every importer and exporter to examine the nature of their supply chains, from sourcing of raw materials and components to freight capacity needs to demand changes from existing customer bases. Most presume that the pandemic will induce drastic change, but in reality, supply chains take years, and often decades to develop and mature. Those complicated, multi-party ecosystems are not reshaped easily. And when they are, they are done at great cost. We’ll examine how and where Covid-19 might actually create substantive changes in sourcing, transportation, and distribution through strategic or technological means


  • Eric Johnson, Senior Editor, Technology, Journal of Commerce
  • Stacy Ettinger, Partner, K&L Gates