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UKCA Marking Report

June 29, 2022

Following its departure from the EU, the UK has developed a series of its own trade markings in order to facilitate the harmonization of standards and the free flow of goods on its domestic market. The UKCA, or UK Conformity Assessed, is a new product marking that has been introduced as a mechanism for demonstrating to consumers that certain goods are compliant with the relevant UK legislation pertaining to health, safety, and environmental protection. The UKCA mark is applicable to all of the goods that were previously covered under the EU’s CE Marking scheme. All new products introduced to the UK market after  January 1, 2023 will need to affix a UKCA marking to their product to demonstrate conformity with UK legislation. This brief explains what the UKCA marking is, what it covers, what happens to pre-existing products, and what manufacturers need to do to register for a UKCA marking.