Industry Report

Market opportunities for Virginia exporters in Sweden and Denmark

May 6, 2019

It is said that the Nordic countries are so alike that they can easily work together, yet so different that they can still learn a lot from each other. A Dane, a Swede and a Norwegian might understand each other’s language, and to non-Scandinavians the Nordic countries may look very similar due to their close cultural and historical ties. They are all advanced welfare states, with a large public sector and high level of taxes.

Due to small home markets, a high percentage of the Nordic manufacturers are also experts on global sales and the technology base is very high as is the level of digitization. How to enter the Scandinavian markets is similar to many other export markets – the importance of careful preparation cannot be overstated. However, the Scandinavians are very receptive to foreign products and services as they are always looking to improve their competitive advantage.