Program Benefits

  • Access up to $6,000 of intern summer wage reimbursement
  • Engage with trained, highly-motivated students from Virginia schools
  • Evaluate potential future employees
  • Provide management training for current employees through intern supervision
  • Build export capacity and make progress on your international business strategies
  • Train future Virginia global business leaders



  • VEDP recruits, pre-screens, and refers qualified candidates based on company needs
  • Interns attend a VEDP-hosted orientation and receive training on key global business skills
  • Interns are paid a reimbursable $6,000 stipend for working full-time for 10 weeks over the summer
  • Companies provide interns with supervisory guidance and hands-on learning opportunities
  • Interns complete global business projects in research, operations, and/or marketing


  • Company must operate in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Company must have at least five full-time employees in Virginia