Virginia International Trade Alliance (VITAL) increases international trade in Virginia.

VITALThe Virginia International Trade Alliance (VITAL) expands the Commonwealth’s nationally recognized international trade programs through formal partnerships with Virginia’s public universities and industry associations.

As members of VITAL, industry associations help promote Virginia’s International Trade programs and services to their member companies as they expand international sales. These services include the following:

  • Global Market Research
  • Trade Missions
  • Trade Show Assistance
  • Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET) Program
  • Going Global Defense Initiative

VITAL university partners provide Virginia companies with customized business plans and market research to improve their export readiness and/or performance.


VITAL Partners

Samantha Quig
Manager of Government Affairs 
VMABrett Vassey
President & CEO 

Ashley McLeod
Communications & Membership Director
Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce
Alex Thompson
Director, Communications and Marketing 
Aaron Miller
Mason Enterprise Center 
JMUMolly Brown
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs 
ODU Signature with tagline
J.C. Brinker
Associate Director, Business Gateway 
Radford University
Prahlad Kasturi
Chair, Economics Department 
Brian Baker

Executive Director of Economic Development 
Katherine Beach
Darden Center for Global Initiatives 
Van Wood
Philip Morris Chair in International Business, and Professor of Marketing 
MAJ Marthe Honts
Sponsored Programs Administrator 
WMJulie Summs
Director, Economic Development and Business Innovation

More Information

For more information, contact Lindsey Bertozzi, Assistant Vice President,  at (804) 545-5767 or