International Sales Training: Crash Course on International Negotiations

March 28, 2023

Negotiations are complex and even more so when dealing with international and cross-cultural factors. However, fortunately there are a few core skills that can help you become a successful negotiator regardless of where in the world you are and who you negotiate with. In this session we will focus on two – preparation and probing. 1) Preparation is the only aspect of a negotiation over which you have control. By utilizing a checklist, you can maximize your efficiency and effectiveness as you work through what might occur and build your confidence along the way. 2) While many believe the best negotiators are smooth talkers, it’s actually the opposite, the best negotiators are those that ask great questions and listen. Through an interactive simulation we will allow participants to self-discover their habits in this area and then provide you with a probing model that will allow you to better understand the other sides wants and needs, reach better outcomes, and develop stronger relationships along the way.

Speaker: Jeff Cochran, Shapiro Negotiations Institute


Amy Miller
International Training Manager