Middle East

Selling to the UAE Military

November 2, 2016

In this video, Anne Jafrey of Channels MEA discusses selling to the UAE military. Due to the historic Foreign Military Sales program in the UAE, the market is predisposed to U.S. military goods and services. The U.S. and UAE armed forces frequently cooperate in operational missions.

To sell to the UAE miliary, a good place to start is to review existing and planned FMS programs and to look for gaps. UAE military spending continues to be robust and competition is strong. In order to sell to the UAE government, most US companies need a local commercial representative or distributor.

Selling to the UAE defense sector is possible through several relationships:

  • As a sub to a prime contractor
  • Through a third party integrator
  • Through a commercial distributor

In the UAE, relationships are very important and best-in-class is the most important purchasing differentiator.

To learn more about the UAE military procurement process, watch this video!