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Education and Training Market Demand – Mexico

August 28, 2018

Employers and employees are the thirstiest for improvement in skills development, which includes more traditional educational concepts like critical thinking and communication as well as 21st-century job skills, so there is an immediacy of demand from them. The private sector has also proven more accessible to Virginia exporters despite the state’s strong experience with government. Services and products benefiting the public sector are of course critical in Mexico as they are in the US, but they are most efficiently delivered by international sellers through a private-sector partner in Mexico.

Aside from improvement of the general quality of education itself, employers, employees, and all of the organizations, companies, and agencies trying to link them together, need assistance in introducing process management to the national workforce. Evaluation, classification, matching and combining information regarding the skills and interests of workers and employees in the market are in various ways all in demand.

By offering products and services in Mexico to assist in training and education, Virginia exporters offer support in an area that is not only very valuable to Mexico in economic terms, but also near to the hearts of many and the subject of great political and social focus. The report offers some avenues for entering the market with these capabilities, focusing on events and associations to assist with networking as well as guidance on different models for market entry.