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Asia Pacific

E-commerce in China: Current trends, key players and how to leverage China’s growing trend

August 14, 2018

E-commerce (commerce conducted via the Internet) represents a paradigm shift in international trade. Technologies, processes, and ideas have always disrupted supply chains, logistics, marketing, and regulatory environments, however e-commerce, which emerged in the last few decades, is going further by transforming consumer behavior, blurring the laws behind economies of scale, and opening vast new markets (according to a Cisco report about 1.5 billion more people have access to mobile phones than clean water). Moreover, e-commerce is showing no signs of slowing.

This report offers Virginia companies an overview of the Chinese market for e-commerce and ways to access and leverage it. Companies will find:

  • A summary of current trends (e-commerce business models, platforms, market segments, and market sizes)
  • A list of key global e-commerce players that are present in the Chinese market
  • Trends in cross-border e-commerce, mobile e-commerce, and mobile payment
  • Information on local legislation and regulations
  • Useful trade associations, trade events, and e-commerce service providers