Webinar: Pricing for Sustained Profitable Growth

March 19, 2020

Companies expect a windfall of sales and profits when they invest in new products, customers or markets. Amidst cost fluctuations, regulatory changes, aggressive competitors or demanding customers, pricing by gut or simply applying cost-plus may not deliver expected returns. Top-line growth requires a value-based pricing mindset that enables customers to recognize when they should pay higher especially when value received surpasses competitive offerings. The bottom-line also needs protection from customer attrition or leaks, such as, needless rebates and discounts.

We will discuss how smart companies execute pricing in a disciplined manner– for setting price based on value and for systematically eliminating price-related risks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Quantify customer value to justify prices vis-à-vis the competition
  • Unlock the Hidden Pricing Factory within your organization
  • Introduce evidence-based analysis to replace gut-based decision-making
  • Track pricing actions to ensure sustained profitable growth