Webinar: International Patents and Trademarks

December 8, 2015

Learn about the best strategies to protect your company’s intellectual property in international markets!

  • More than 74% of U.S. exports are from intellectual property-intensive industries. This totals more than $1 trillion annually.
  • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office estimates that only 15% of small business exporters understand the necessity to file for IP protection abroad.

Is your company protected against intellectual property theft in overseas markets?

During this webinar, presenter Michael Haynes of Michael Haynes, PLC, will discuss the best practices to secure patents and trademarks outside of the U.S. and how to reduce the risk of stolen intellectual property by overseas competitors.

Michael Haynes has been working in the field of intellectual property for over 20 years. He is a registered U.S. patent attorney whose practice encompasses all aspects of intellectual property, including procurement, counseling, licensing, and litigation.