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VALET Webinar Recording is Available: “Intellectual Property: Securing Your Competitive Edge”

A full recording of the most recent VALET webinar, “Intellectual Property: Securing Your Competitive Edge,” presented by Michael Haynes of Michael Haynes, PLC, is now available! The entire recording can be viewed via WebEx. Links to the recording, as well as the presentation slides, can be accessed on ExportVirginia.org on the VALET Program’s Resources &… Read more

Protecting Intellectual Property in the International Arena

When entering a new market, it is important to assess how your current intellectual property protection measures will translate to a new regulatory environment.  If you are currently taking steps to protect your company’s intellectual property in the United States, chances are you have already taken some of the first steps to protect your company… Read more

EU Unitary Patent – Finally Here – Or At Least Almost …

After four decades of trying to come up with a unified system, the European Union (“EU”) today managed to agree on a unitary patent system.  This is something that would dramatically decrease costs related to patent registration within EU.  For many companies, obtaining world-wide protection is extremely expensive, since there of course is no world-wide… Read more