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Export Opportunities in the Turkish Wood Market

In a study recently completed by Atid, EDI, Ltd., an authorized consultant to the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, research shows that the Turkish wood market offers export opportunities for Virginia companies. Although Turkey has the second largest forest area in the region after Russia and is the third largest producer of hardwood in the region… Read more

Manufacturing Industry in the United Arab Emirates

Considering the inevitable exhaustion of its natural resources, GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have crafted economic sustainability plans investing heavily in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. UAE’s double digit annual manufacturing growth rate can be misleading when considering the broader economy, but with new programs, incentives, industrial zones,… Read more

Firms heading home as benefits wane in China

More companies from Europe and the United States that outsourced production to China are returning home as price gaps narrow, reports Matt Hodges. For Dutch engineering and electronics conglomerate Philips NV, improved automation and smarter robots meant it made more sense financially to build a new factory in Drachten last year than extend its operations… Read more