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Costa Rica: Top Export Opportunities

Is Central America a priority region for your company?  If so, sign up for the 2016 Trade Mission to Costa Rica to meet with prospective customers and partners! Costa Rica is an attractive market for exporters for several reasons: Costa Rica is among the largest 3 economies in Central America, measured by GDP Costa Rica… Read more

Trade Mission Registration Opens Friday

Registration for VEDP’s 2016/17 Trade Missions opens Friday, April 1st! Check out the full list of trade missions on the International Events page. New destinations on the schedule for 2016/17 include: Trade Mission to Southern Africa (South Africa and surrounding countries) MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas: an exclusive event for mining technology companies located in… Read more

What the U.S.-Cuba Policy Means for Exporters

On January 16 2015, the U.S. Treasury Department, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) amended its Cuban Assets Control Regulations and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) amended the Export Administration Regulations with a “Support for the Cuban People” license exception. The revised regulation will have an impact for some… Read more

Future Opportunities in Cuba

As U.S. – Cuban relations warm up and U.S. companies start looking for opportunities to establish a beachhead in Cuba, two market sectors that are regularly mentioned as offering the best opportunities for U.S. businesses are the telecommunications market and the construction (housing) /infrastructure equipment market. Cuban housing and infrastructure needs are well known and… Read more

Business is Personal in Brazil

“This Time, It’s Personal” reads a recent article in the Economist on the current state of Brazilian politics. Having just returned from a successful trade mission with 12 Virginia-based companies to Sao Paulo and Rio, spanning the range of Virginia wine, advanced manufacturing, and defense and security companies, ending with a Virginia presence at LAAD… Read more

Are you risking your company’s compliance by relying on your freight forwarder?

When exporting a product or service, whether defense-related or dual-use, regulated by ITAR or EAR, it is important to remember that as the exporter, the U.S. government requires you to take steps to ensure that your company is in compliance before selling overseas. Frequently, we see small companies that export products “outsource” their export compliance… Read more

Be Prepared for Local Customs at Your Next International Business Meeting

Business is done differently all around the world. As you prepare for your next international business trip, don’t forget to learn about local customs and business etiquette! Knowing whether to start off a meeting with small talk, a handshake, or an exchange of business cards can put you on the right path to forming relationships with overseas customers. To… Read more

What is Value-Added Tax and Why Should Your Company Care?

While Value-Added Tax (VAT) is not currently imposed in the United States, all companies interested in exporting should be aware of VAT because it can impact almost every transaction while doing business overseas. What is Value-Added Tax? A Value-Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax on corporations and individuals that is applied to the value… Read more

Tips for a Successful Trade Show Experience

When you are preparing to attend a trade show, think about what you want to accomplish once you are there. For example, is your goal to generate leads? Create awareness of a product or service? Or establish relationships with customers? Be sure to bring appropriate brochures, giveaways, etc. that correspond with your goals. And don’t… Read more