Wako Chemicals USA

Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. is an international corporation supplying innovative clinical diagnostic reagents, bioproducts and specialty chemicals worldwide. Wako is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd., of Japan, which is world renowned for its high-purity chemicals. Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. selected Richmond, Virginia as the site for its first U.S. production plant in 1989, where it has continued to operate.

Wako has a long history of exporting. Having conducted business in Japan since 1922, the company decided to expand outside Japan in the early 1980s to bring high-purity chemicals, laboratory reagents and diagnostics products to the U.S., European and other markets. Although some of Wako’s business sectors prospered with relative ease, others, including the LAL reagent line, showed only minimal growth in the international market. The company decided to explore the services offered by VEDP in hopes of expanding Wako’s presence on a global scale.

Wako has worked extensively with VEDP since 2014 and graduated from the award-winning VALET program in January 2017. Wako has participated in a trade mission to Mexico and an independent market visit to Costa Rica, both coordinated by VEDP staff. The company has leveraged resources from VEDP’s team of market research professionals and trade partners to increase their international sales. Just before completing the VALET program, the company ended 2016 with a 32% increase in business, with 99% of its LAL sales to international countries.

“VEDP’s Trade Mission trips are an invaluable tool for getting face to face with the people that matter.” – Lisa Komski, Senior Manager, LAL & Export