Valkyrie Enterprises

Valkyrie Enterprises is a veteran-owned small business providing defense services to the U.S. military and commercial clients. Recently named by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce as part of the Virginia Fantastic 50 for highest overall growth, its business, focusing on acquisition, modernization, and readiness, supports today’s warrior.

Valkyrie_GroupSeizing international opportunities has been a critical component in its acclaimed growth and continual success. Already established as a Virginia exporter, Valkyrie Enterprises joined the VALET program in July of 2010 with specific goals in mind. “We wanted to finish smarter in the international market than when we started…and we definitely feel that we have achieved that. Specifically, we wanted to be savvy in banking solutions, export compliance, and tax advantages,” explained Kathleen Daniels, Admin Services Manager at Valkyrie Enterprises.

With the guidance of VEDP–International Trade, Valkyrie Enterprises has made strides over the last year in accomplishing its goals. Working with trade partners like Williams Mullen on trade restriction (ITAR) issues and export compliance gave them the know-how to move forward in a new market. With the direction of Piascik Associates on tax advantages, Valkyrie saved thousands in tax credits. “Valkyrie has benefited from the pool of expertise and the enthusiasm to see us grow as a successful company in the international trade market. We have become more intelligent and gained a sense of confidence in doing so because the VEDP was there as a go-to resource,” said Kathleen Daniels. For example, when Valkyrie entered India to sell its services, concerns were raised about a potential partner. By enlisting VEDP’s help with an in-country due diligence financial report, the decision to move forward was confirmed and a valuable strategic relationship was established.

With the support of trade partners and the experience gained through VEDP’s programs, such as knowing legal requirements and cultural expectations, Valkyrie has entered India and Europe with confidence. When asked how the VALET program and the VEDP assisted, Kathleen Daniels replied, “Understanding some of the hard requirements of international business with defense services has been crucial. But more so, knowing where to go for professional advice and service in those areas has poised Valkyrie for success in foreign markets.”