When you sell overseas, it helps to have powerful support. TRAX found that support at Virginia Economic Development Partnership-International Trade. TRAX, LLC Energy Solutions, a division of TRAX International, is located in Lynchburg, Virginia. TRAX is a global company whose more than 2,200 employees deliver a broad spectrum of sophisticated technical services and products to government and commercial enterprise.

TRAX International has operations in the U.S., Central and South America as well as Beijing, China. TRAX Energy Solutions is on the cutting edge of energy technology and is an acknowledged leader in development and implementation of software solutions for modeling and simulation that enhance the effectiveness of power plant operations, productivity, energy efficiency, and training.

In order to increase sales, TRAX decided to focus on the “International” word in their name and joined the VALET Program. As a member of the July 2009 VALET class, they committed to a focused attempt to learn what was necessary to make international growth a reality. “Every company needs to take its first step in breaking the paradigm of the old, established ways of doing business. VALET was ours and we all feel it was the right initial step,” stated TRAX.

TRAX’s position in the energy field strengthened from their experiences in the VALET Program. For example, TRAX participated in the VEDP Trade Mission to Brazil in May 2012 and that visit has served as a launching pad. TRAX’s technology was important to many segments of the energy markets in Brazil and with continuing assistance from VEDP, TRAX is finalizing a Brazilian joint venture that will yield tremendous growth results. “This likely would not have happened without our association with VEDP and participation in VALET. On a broader corporate level, it was our exposure to new aspects of export via VALET that allowed us to completely revamp our corporate strategy.  We have since grown the initiative to the entire corporation.  It has been invaluable,” stated TRAX. After graduating from the VALET Program in July 2011, TRAX reported that international sales have doubled.

Looking to the future, TRAX knows that their international goals will continue to evolve out of their experiences and successes. Global energy is changing more rapidly today than at any time in history and TRAX has world-class modeling & simulation technology that is vital to international energy markets. For TRAX, the next step will be to establish a greater presence in Europe.  “I know VEDP has all of the skills and resources to help us continue our international growth, regardless of the countries we focus on.  We will start, as in the past, with the great research capability available through VEDP to help us focus our efforts,” stated TRAX.