Founded in 2004, MicroXact is a semiconductor test and measurement equipment manufacturing company. The company’s customer base ranges from university labs and start-up companies to government labs and Fortune 100 corporations.

Employee-owned and intensely driven, MicroXact is uniquely positioned to integrate multi-disciplinary backgrounds and extensive networking with the end goal of providing high-impact products to industrial, military and consumer markets. MicroXact has worked with VEDP since 2011 to expand international sales and demonstrates the success a company may achieve when committed to an international trade-based growth strategy.

Through the Global Defense Program, MicroXact received international market research and translation services. The company has also traveled with VEDP to Germany, Ireland, and Korea to exhibit at industry trade shows. Prior to working with VEDP, MicroXact was pursuing only one international market. Now, the company is exporting to 17 different countries and has hired new employees in Virginia to support its international sales efforts.

“Tireless work by VEDP helped MicroXact significantly expand export sales, taking us to the next level of business development.” – Vladimir Kochergin, President and CEO