Massimo Zanetti Beverage


Massimo Zanetti Beverage (MZB) is the largest privately held, family owned coffee company in the world. Major brands are Chock Full ‘o Nuts coffee, Hills Bros Coffee, Hills Bros Cappuccinos, MJB coffee, and Chase & Sanborn. With coffee expertise that dates back to 1871, MZB has the expertise and capability to provide a world class coffee solution to all channels and segments of the coffee industry…literally, from their fields to your cup – they’re ALL about coffee!

In 2012, MZB reached out to its VEDP International Trade Manager for assistance with customs and licensing documents to export its coffee products into China. VEDP-International Trade utilized its representative in China who was instrumental in helping MZB overcome cumbersome labeling and licensing issues across the company’s portfolio of brands. With VEDP’s help, MZB now has 27 different products licensed for import into China.

After the original assistance in China, it was determined that MZB would be a good fit for the VALET program and in July 2012, MZB joined that program. The initial research provided by the VALET program determined which target markets MZB should pursue. It was shown that coffee consumption in the Czech Republic, Poland, and South Korea was growing significantly year over year which made these markets attractive opportunities. In addition, MZB’s major competitors (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Maxwell House) had or were entering these markets in a big way, demonstrating that they also saw upside potential in these countries.

MZB knew that international travel was key in successfully expanding their business. The company made the decision to participate in VEDP trade missions to those markets. VEDP’s network of in-country consultants “have been invaluable in breaking down the barriers to entry as well as skillfully putting together impactful trade missions there that have resulted in incremental sales for us,” states MZB.

MZB has realized that the guidance of VEDP-International Trade, through the VALET program, was a valuable part of their international expansion goals. The resources and tools that VALET has provided have “significantly enhanced our export strategy and tactics,” states MZB. Since participating in the VALET program, MZB has established three new international distributor partners who are actively placing orders for their products.

“I can truly say that I have learned a great deal about exporting and how to overcome significant hurdles doing business overseas through our partnership with VEDP-International Trade,” states MZB.