Grandwatt Electric Corporation

Grandwatt Electric Corporation is a privately owned global manufacturer of portable light towers and generator sets for telecom, mining, railway and other industrial applications. Since 2013, Grandwatt has worked with VEDP to expand sales opportunities in overseas markets after recognizing that international markets would be easier to enter than domestic markets.

Company officials have traveled extensively with VEDP to South America. Grandwatt participated in its first trade mission in 2013 to Chile, where the company was introduced to a distributor, DiPERK Power Solutions. Grandwatt traveled with VEDP in April 2016 to the ExpoMin Chile trade show, the largest mining exhibition in Latin America. It was during this trade show that Grandwatt reconnected with DiPERK Power Solutions and signed an agreement to distribute its generators in Chile. During ExpoMin
Chile, Grandwatt also received an order from a Costa Rican distributor, Sumatel, to sell light towers to the government of Costa Rica. Sumatel is the country’s largest distributor of materials and equipment for air and underground electrical networks.

Grandwatt has also traveled to Brazil, Colombia and Mexico on trade missions and independent market visits. Both types of international travel were arranged by VEDP’s team of international professionals. In addition, Grandwatt has received assistance with international market research and digital localization
through Virginia’s Global Defense Program.

As a result of the company’s success in international sales, Grandwatt hired a sales manager in Suffolk in 2015 to cover Latin America and was accepted into the Commonwealth’s VALET program in January 2016.

“We attribute our international success to the resources that VEDP provides to companies committed to growing export sales.” – Patrick Everett, Director of Sales & Marketing