Gatekeeper, Inc.


Gatekeeper Security (Gatekeeper) is the only manufacturer of fully automated under vehicle inspection systems worldwide. Gatekeeper’s technology automatically inspects the undercarriage of any vehicle that travels on road or rail. Gatekeeper has systems operating in the extreme cold of Northern Russia, to the punishing heat of the Middle East, to the dripping humidity of South East Asia.

The key to Gatekeeper’s success has been its move to globalize its business. The company is based in Sterling, Virginia and over the past 9 years, Gatekeeper has established a global certified distributor network to support sales of its technology to 23 countries. Gatekeeper established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Dubai offering a full range of marketing and technical support and recently opened a branch office in Mexico City to service the high level of demand for the Gatekeeper technologies.

Gatekeeper’s establishment of their office in Mexico City demonstrates the breadth of assistance provided by VEDP-International Trade. “Without VEDP’s support, we could easily have been looking at a very different and disappointing situation today, rather than the tremendous results the company has achieved in a very short time frame,” states Gatekeeper.

From the time Gatekeeper first ventured into the export market several years ago, VEDP has been the company’s export advisory partner. Initially, Gatekeeper encountered VEDP by participating in a trade mission to the Middle East and the Accessing International Markets (AIM) program. When entering a new market, a company must understand many factors; demand for the product; how purchasing decisions are made; how to manage and staff operation; how to promote the product in the new market – the list is almost endless. For almost every challenge Gatekeeper faced, VEDP had answers.

Gatekeeper relied on VEDP to provide guidance during its investigation of the Mexican market. VEDP’s in-country representative conducted preparatory work and reviewed Gatekeeper’s itinerary. Assurances of VEDP assistance and nightly calls to review each day’s agenda helped to reassure Gatekeeper while they met with potential customers.

Gatekeeper decided to move ahead with business in Mexico and called upon VEDP once again for introductions, from lawyers to employment companies. Each introduction assisted Gatekeeper in getting first class and reliable advice. These are some of the many services VEDP-International Trade offers around the world. “We have come to know and respect the VEDP team,” states Gatekeeper.