Region: Middle East

In 2017, Bahrain ranked 80th among U.S. export destinations and 49th among Virginia export destinations. Some of the top opportunities for U.S. exporters in Bahrain include: Medical Equipment and Healthcare Agricultural and Food Sectors Construction and Infrastructure Electrical Power

Middle East, Map, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq

The United Arab Emirates ranks 16th among U.S. export destinations and 25th among Virginia export destinations. Some of the top opportunities for U.S. exporters in UAE include: Automotive Consumer Electronics Cosmetics Education Defense Healthcare Services Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Services Renewable Energy

Country Overview: Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey ranks 29th among U.S. export destinations and 33rd among Virginia export destinations. Some of the top opportunities for U.S. exporters in Turkey include: Aerospace Defense Electrical Power and Renewable Energy Environmental Technologies Information & Communication Technologies Medical Technologies and Healthcare Education Services Safety and Security

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Saudi Arabia ranks 19th among U.S. export destinations and 13th among Virginia export destinations. Some of the top opportunities for U.S. exporters in Saudi Arabia include: Oil & Gas Machinery Energy Medical Equipment Pharmaceuticals Construction Mining and Metals Education and Training Information and Communication Technology

Country Overview: Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

Israel ranks 21st among U.S. export destinations and 46th among Virginia export destinations. Some of the top opportunities for U.S. exporters in Israel include: Healthcare Technologies Educational Services Automotive Aftermarket Parts & Equipment Telecommunications Energy Homeland Security Aerospace

Country Overview: Qatar

Oman, Desert, Middle East

Qatar ranks 40th among U.S. export destinations and 75th among Virginia export destinations. Some of the top opportunities for U.S. exporters in Qatar include: Travel & Tourism Defense Architecture Construction Engineering Medical Equipment and Services Oil and Gas Equipment and Services Security and Safety Equipment Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Selling to the UAE Military

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With its vision to develop world-class healthcare infrastructure, expertise, and services, the UAE government is extensively expanding and upgrading its healthcare systems to match international standards.

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