Export Opportunities for Virginia’s Defense Industry

Exporting 101 for Defense Companies
Published: July 1, 2013

As the U.S. Federal Government cuts back on defense spending, there are significant opportunities for Virginia’s defense companies to grow sales abroad. VEDP-International Trade has created a defense export guide to assist Virginia’s defense companies in taking advantage of these opportunities to grow sales through exports. This guide introduces new exporters to the processes, considerations, and strategies for making defense sales abroad.

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“The growth opportunities for Virginia’s defense companies are in international markets,” said VEDP Vice President of International Trade Paul Grossman. “This report is one of the first resources out that provides historically U.S. Government contractors with instructions on how to get started and best practices for exporting. We are confident that this guide will help lead more of Virginia’s defense companies into the export game.”

The following key points for defense companies are examined in the guide:

  • Assessing export readiness
  • Understanding export regulations
  • Market entry via Foreign Military Sales and Direct Commercial Sales
  • Selecting international markets
  • Defense trade financing
  • Commercializing defense technologies

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