Going international can be a crucial turning point for a business. Imperative to diversifying around the world, the opportunities are endless when it comes to exporting.

Benefits to Your Bottom Line

Grow your small company and become a major competitor by exporting.


“…Our customers have the option to choose from the best product or service, no matter where in the world. If we ignore our international markets, we will be ignoring a very large revenue stream.”

Higher Demand

95% of consumer demand is outside of the U.S.

“With the decline in federal spending in coming years, exporting our services is essential to our growth sales.”

Improved Productivity

Companies have seen an increase of 8-14% of productivity due to exports.

“Diversifying into international markets is priority to ensure continued production and employment in our Virginia manufacturing facility.”


60% of small to midsize companies say they do business in more than six countries.

“Continued diversification in those international markets will only help us to grow our small business and reach more markets internationally, allowing us to sell more product, develop new relationships and continue to create jobs within our company.”

Higher-salaried Opportunities

Workers at global companies earn approximately 15% more than workers at domestic-only companies.

“It is very important for our company to diversify into international markets because it is a major part of our on-going strategic plan for the future.”