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Country Overview: India

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India ranks 18th among U.S. export destinations and 14th among Virginia export destinations. Some of the top opportunities for U.S. exporters in India include: Defense Environment and Water Franchising Healthcare and Medical Equipment Mining and Mineral Processing Equipment Supply Chain/Logistics Power and Renewable Energy

Taj Mahal, India, Mahal, Islam, Asia

India is the 3rd largest armed forces and 6th largest defense spender in the world. India spends around 1.5-2% of its GDP on Defense. According to the FY17 (2016-17) Defense budget, 35% of its total Defense budget has been allocated for the capital expenditure. The budget allocation for Defense has been growing at a CAGR… Read more

The Mining Industry in India

Taj Mahal, India, Mahal, Islam, Asia

This report provides an overview of the mining industry in India. The report includes the stakeholders and key players in the industry, current production volumes and trends, growth drivers and barriers, products used in the mining industry, and rules and regulations.

Localization and Translation


In this Going Global Tutorial, Blake Dozier of Ingenuiti discusses localization and translation.

Global Business Travel

When traveling to a foreign country, you may be required to obtain a business visa or travel visa. Visa requirements vary depending on the purpose of your trip, such as tourism, business, or employment, and the country you will be visiting. Work permit requirements also vary by country and trip purpose. It is often the… Read more

International Travel Tips

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When traveling for business overseas, there are visa and health requirements to consider, national holidays to avoid, trade events to schedule, and troubled areas to avoid. When planning a business trip abroad, the best place to start is with the local embassy or consulate of your destination country. Officials that work in embassies and consulates… Read more

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With approximately 200 countries in the world, how can your company decide where to export? This simple guide can help your company determine which international market is best for your products and services. Step 1: Screen – know your company and know your industry Step 2: Compare – market assessment checklist Step 3: Select –… Read more

Governor Terry McAuliffe today announced that he will lead an 11-day trade and marketing mission to the Middle East and India from November 13-24.  The Governor will be accompanied by First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe, Secretary of Commerce and Trade Maurice Jones, Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Todd Haymore and representatives of the Virginia Economic Development… Read more