Tips for a Successful Trade Show Experience

When you are preparing to attend a trade show, think about what you want to accomplish once you are there. For example, is your goal to generate leads? Create awareness of a product or service? Or establish relationships with customers? Be sure to bring appropriate brochures, giveaways, etc. that correspond with your goals. And don’t forget… Do you need to have your brochures and business cards translated before arriving at the show?

Expodefensa Booth

Virginia companies attend Expodefensa 2014 in Colombia

Prior to the show, let people know you will be there by sending them emails or postcards, and invite them to stop by your booth. Having giveaways and prize drawings are examples of how to drive visitors to your booth, and if they are required to fill out a ticket for a chance to win, you will have their name and contact information for follow-up purposes.

When working the trade show booth, be inviting. Pay attention to your visitors, and start a conversation with them. Don’t just sit behind a table or fold your arms because you’ll be perceived as uninviting. Stand up and greet your visitors with a smile. Be ready with a short introduction about yourself and your product or service. Being well prepared will make a good impression and your visitors will remember you. Continue with making good impressions by following up with your prospects immediately. The quicker they receive follow-up correspondence from you the more you will be set apart from your competition.

For more information about the trade shows VEDP will be attending, contact your International Trade Manager!