What Our Clients Say

Polymer Solutions Inc
“Our participation in the VALET program has made doing business internationally an intentional proactive part of our marketing strategy”
Polymer Solutions – Read Case Study
American Mine Research
“…VEDP has provided unmatched help such as in-country market research, identifying prospective distributors and logistical support for our visits…”
American Mine Research – Read Case Study
MAG Aerospace
“Ask VEDP for what you need, and they will make it happen.”
MAG Aerospace – Read Case Study
Grandwatt Electric Corporation
“We attribute our international success to the resources that VEDP provides to companies committed to growing export sales.”
Grandwatt Electric Corporation – Read Case Study
“Tireless work by VEDP helped MicroXact significantly expand export sales, taking us to the next level of business development.”
MicroXact – Read Case Study
Wako Chemicals USA
“VEDP’s Trade Mission trips are an invaluable tool for getting face to face with the people that matter.”
Wako Chemicals USA – Read Case Study
Valkyrie Enterprises
“…knowing where to go for professional advice and service in those areas has poised Valkyrie for success in foreign markets.”
Valkyrie Enterprises – Read Case Study
“I know VEDP has all of the skills and resources to help us continue our international growth, regardless of the countries we focus on.”
TRAX – Read Case Study
Massimo Zanetti Beverage
“I can truly say that I have learned a great deal about exporting and how to overcome significant hurdles”
Massimo Zanetti Beverage – Read Case Study
Gatekeeper, Inc.
“Without VEDP’s support, we could easily have been looking at a very different and disappointing situation today”
Gatekeeper, Inc. – Read Case Study