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Why Video? In a world of digital marketing, the content you distribute to your customers has become more important than ever. Dynamic, high-quality video content is the most powerful way to grab attention, evoke emotion, and create a lasting connection between your customers and your brand. No other element in your marketing strategy can rival… Read more

This webinar is geared toward the entire government contracting community and covers both the FAR and the DFARS cyber security clauses. It provides a background to the DFARS 252.204-7012 and FAR 52.204-21, compares and contrasts these vastly different clauses, and offers a practical set of next steps to implement and enable compliance. Key Takeaways: An… Read more

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China is a bustling business environment and a market with huge potential. It is essential, however, to enter the market with knowledge. This webinar provides an overview of various business models for conducting business in China contractually or through setting up an office. Topics include protecting intellectual property, cultural issues when doing business in China,… Read more

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Don’t look like a stranger to your customers! Help them easily understand who you are and what you offer in their native language. Whether you sell directly or via distributors, a local website built to match your business strategy and export needs plays a crucial part in your international expansion success. Reaching new markets and strengthening your position in existing export markets is… Read more

This webinar provides an overview of the model U.S. Income Tax Treaty. Learn how provisions within these treaties help U.S. companies grow abroad and minimize tax exposure. The featured speaker is Ryan Losi, CPA, a leading international tax expert for PIASCIK. His knowledge of complex international tax areas and transactions has enabled PIASCIK to serve… Read more

Webinar: EAR vs. ITAR

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This webinar provides an overview of EAR and ITAR export regulations.

Webinar: Translation 101

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This webinar covers the following topics: translation vs. interpreting, methods of translation, and the translation process.

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Learn about the best strategies to protect your company’s intellectual property in international markets! More than 74% of U.S. exports are from intellectual property-intensive industries. This totals more than $1 trillion annually. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office estimates that only 15% of small business exporters understand the necessity to file for IP protection abroad…. Read more

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Learn about the best strategies to reach your company’s target audience at trade shows! Are you making the most of your company’s time at trade shows? Marketing effectively at industry events requires planning in advance and that you adapt your company’s promotional strategy to meet a trade show environment. Learn the best tips for successful… Read more

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Learn about the impact of foreign exchange and how to adapt your company’s foreign exchange strategy to stay competitive overseas. When the U.S. dollar is strong against other currencies, many U.S. and Virginia exporters become less competitive overseas. Over the past six months, the US dollar has appreciated against most major currencies and is now… Read more