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China is a bustling business environment and a market with huge potential. It is essential, however, to enter the market with knowledge. This webinar provides an overview of various business models for conducting business in China contractually or through setting up an office. Topics include protecting intellectual property, cultural issues when doing business in China,… Read more

Global Market Selection International

Learn about the best strategies to protect your company’s intellectual property in international markets! More than 74% of U.S. exports are from intellectual property-intensive industries. This totals more than $1 trillion annually. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office estimates that only 15% of small business exporters understand the necessity to file for IP protection abroad…. Read more

Intellectual Property


In this Going Global Tutorial, Mike Haynes of Michael Haynes PLC discusses intellectual property.

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Some U.S. companies have found that foreign manufacturers have copied their products, packaging, and business plans, even though they had never done business abroad. Any business that exports its IP protected products abroad or sources its products overseas must take into account the potential for IP theft. For this reason, it is a good idea… Read more

Foreign Trade Barriers

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A trade barrier is a government-imposed restriction on the international exchange of goods or services. Barriers to trade are often called “protection” because their stated purpose is to shield or advance particular industries or segments of an economy. When a country feels another country is “dumping” products into their market unfairly, it can impost import… Read more