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In this video, Theodora von Hohenstaufen Noll of VEDP-International Trade discusses interfacing with U.S. and foreign militaries. Options for engaging with foreign militaries include: SCOs or ODCs Defense attache’s Industry events Defense trade shows COCOMs Partnering with foreign companies This video explains these options and provides many tips to companies that wish to engage with… Read more

In this video, Dr. Michael Weatherly of Frontier Technology, Inc. discusses the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program. The SBIR program creates a partnership between government and industry to develop innovative solutions to challenges. Through a competitive awards-based program, SBIR enables small businesses to explore their technological potential and provides the incentive to profit from… Read more

Selling to the UAE Military

In this video, Anne Jafrey of Channels MEA discusses selling to the UAE military. Due to the historic Foreign Military Sales program in the UAE, the market is predisposed to U.S. military goods and services. The U.S. and UAE armed forces frequently cooperate in operational missions. To sell to the UAE miliary, a good place… Read more

In this video, Lisa DuBrock of Radian Compliance discusses ISO standards for private security companies. Defense companies may be required to become ISO certified when conducting international business. ISO is a recognized benchmark all over the world. This video discusses the following ISO management system standards that are important to the defense industry: ISO 9001… Read more

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Shipping Defense Goods

In this video, Bob Schott of Airschott, Inc. offers advice for defense exporters as they prepare to ship their defense-regulated goods abroad.

Check out this video from Larry Boles, President of the Defense Industry Offset Association, for an introduction to offsets in the world of international defense procurement.

Join Johanna Reeves from Reeves & Dola to learn more about compliance issues that concern temporary imports of defense articles.