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Contracts & Agreements


In this Going Global Tutorial, Morris DeFeo of Crowell & Moring discusses contracts and agreements.

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One risk of foreign trade is the uncertainty of future exchange rates. The value of the currencies can change quickly, sometimes between the time a deal is concluded and when payment is received. If an exporter is not properly protected and knowledgeable, a devaluation or depreciation of one of the currencies could cause the exporter… Read more

Financing and Payments

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Understanding trade finance and payments helps exporters turn opportunities into sales and get paid for those sales in full and on time. There are four methods of payment in international trade: Open account Documentary collection Letters of credit Cash-in-advance Each payment method contains varying levels of risk for the importer and exporter. An appropriate payment… Read more

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Learn about the impact of foreign exchange and how to adapt your company’s foreign exchange strategy to stay competitive overseas. When the U.S. dollar is strong against other currencies, many U.S. and Virginia exporters become less competitive overseas. Over the past six months, the US dollar has appreciated against most major currencies and is now… Read more