Topic: Exporting 101

Exporting Software

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The growth in internet usage and the digitalization of business practices has led to software innovation in all sectors. Software has become more advanced and accessible, and global demand for software solutions has grown rapidly in the recent decade. To assist Virginia’s software companies to expand globally with new customers and business opportunities, this guide… Read more

Exporting 101 Guides

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Market Research

In this Going Global Tutorial, Lindsey Bertozzi of VEDP – International Trade discusses market research.

Building Relationships


In this Going Global Tutorial, George Judd of Cask discusses building relationships.

Shipping Your Product

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Shipping your product to a foreign country requires an understanding of packing, labeling, insurance, Incoterms, and documentation. Many companies use freight forwarders to assist with shipping and documentation. A freight forwarder is an agent for moving cargo to a foreign country. Freight forwarders can provide companies with quotes for shipments, make freight arrangements, and product… Read more

Financing and Payments

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Understanding trade finance and payments helps exporters turn opportunities into sales and get paid for those sales in full and on time. There are four methods of payment in international trade: Open account Documentary collection Letters of credit Cash-in-advance Each payment method contains varying levels of risk for the importer and exporter. An appropriate payment… Read more

Responding to Inquires

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Sales inquiries from potential customers in foreign countries can be quite different than what companies are accustomed to receiving from domestic sources. Responding to a reputable sales inquiry requires careful consideration of many elements, including pricing, export regulations, and payment terms. This guide provides an overview of: Reviewing inquires Determining how to respond Developing pricing… Read more

Export Regulations

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All U.S. exports are regulated by the U.S. Federal Government. In order to comply with federal law, your company must determine which government agency has jurisdiction over its exports. The two most important export control laws are: Export Administration Regulations (EAR) (U.S. Department of Commerce) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) (U.S. Department of… Read more

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With approximately 200 countries in the world, how can your company decide where to export? This simple guide can help your company determine which international market is best for your products and services. Step 1: Screen – know your company and know your industry Step 2: Compare – market assessment checklist Step 3: Select –… Read more

Determining HS Codes

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Harmonized System (HS) codes are a standardized numerical method of classifying traded products. They are 6 digits and standardized across countries. Schedule B numbers contain 10 digits. The first 6 digits are the same as the HS code; the last 4 digits are used by the U.S. to further classify exported products. Exporters need to know… Read more